Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Being religious

I loved this story of BBC. It is in line with my way of looking into religion.
No one has the right to define how another human being must practice his faith.

Photo from BBC Persian. The girls exiting mosque room after the prayer.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The found book

My lost library book just came back to me in Campus mail :D

I'm jumping up and down!

This was driving me crazy. I needed the book and it was checked out by another patron for long. I had put on a call back request for it. I waited impatiently for it to come back to circulation; saw the available notice on my account, but i didn't have any good recollection of actually checking this one out at the library desk. But it appeared in my account as checked out. I had looked EVERY inch of my office, apartment , car and 17 bags for it. I was convinced that i'm suffering from Anterograde Amnesia!
The envelope doesn't have any useful information on it, just my campus address and the sender is the mailroom; so i don't know how the book found its way back to me. I bet it has an interesting story to tell, had he be able to talk! Good to finally see you Hosmer and Lemeshow's Applied Survival Analysis: Regression Modeling of Time to Event Data!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Pilobolus, an old friend, and I luv NY

Isn't this clip great? :) I don't see the need to add any comments to it, except for a very old friend of mine sent it to me. We were classmates and best friends when i was 14, and then each of us drifted away on her own way. She went to a different highschool and different college. I finished my school in Iran and came to US, she married a Newzealander and moved to England. Now she is in Arizona, US and we talked on the phone yesterday. After more than a decade. Many things have changed in her and in me, but we shared an I-Love-NY moment. It's funny how life paths divert and converge sometimes.

You can more info on the dance group, here.
There is also a TED-Talk about them , here.