Monday, August 18, 2008

Non freezing office space

MBA ladies have moved to another building and now it's only me tampering with the air conditioning gage which controls half a dozen rooms in this floor.
Life's small pleasures...:)

Friday, August 08, 2008


Image: Infinite Eight, David Friedman, Kabbalah Art
and so it is, five years.
Half a decade of smiles and tears, of ups and downs
on this repeated 8 day.
In my anniversaries i usually look back
to what i did, to the paths i took, to what happened.
This year, in this 8-8-8, i'm gonna look forward
to what i can accomplish in the year that is in front of me
i am determined to make it something i'll be proud of in the next 8-8.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Küçelere Su Serpmişem

I watered the dusty alley
so when my darling passes through
No dust is rising.

So when she'll come
there's no hard feelings between us.
I fired the tea kettle
I put sugar cubes in the tea
but my sweetheart has gone away.
So lonely i am
Oh her memory, how sweet and how dear.

In the mountains runs the deer,
in the meadow, sings the nightingale
Why did you get upset with me?
Don't, please don't go, my deer,
Let me bear all your aches
If i can't look into your eyes again,
no sight will be left in my eyes.

Who falls for love is a man,
and who doesn't is a coward...
This is my raw translation of a Turkish/Azeri folk love song. I don't know any Turkish, but when someone sent me the Farsi translation of the song, i was touched so deeply that i couldn't let go of it. You can listen to a version of it here. If you have seen the English or Farsi translation of the song or other nice performances of it, please let me know.