Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Three stories in a snowy birthday night

Act 1: Never turn back on yourself

In old old days, a teacher learned that one of his students has had a break down and has wandered off. He went to seek him, and found him in a terrible shape. The student said i didn't deserve your valued lessons, I have failed you as a student. The teacher said you are still my student and i have come this far to find you and give you your new lesson. The lesson is: Never turn back on yourself. Never let other people make you disappointed in yourself. Never let them make you blame yourself. Cause as soon as you start turning back on yourself, you will ignore the wellbeing of your body and soul, and you would accept any assault towards your body and soul. always be friend with yourself and always give yourself the chance to make up for your mistakes. I repeat again, be the last one in the world who turns back on yourself, and this is my lesson to you today.

Act 2: Layla... Layla... Layla

An intern went to visit a mental institution. In the first hall he visited he saw a very sad man, sitting by the wall, the tears rolling down his cheeks. Every often he would bang his head to the wall crying out "Layla... Layla... Layla...". The intern asked what is wrong with this man, the nurse said, he was in love with a girl named Layla, but his love was unfruitful.
In the next hall, the intern sees a man in rage, chained to the bed, but angrily struggling and shouting out in fury: "Layla.. Layla... Layla...". The intern asked what's wrong with this one? The nurse answered: He married that Layla!

Act 3: Gratitude

Why is birthday a special day in one's calendar? This year, my answer to the question is in the territory of human affections. Your birthday , among all other joys it might bring, is the one day in which you get to get wrapped in the personalized kindness and care of your family and friends. It's when your sometimes cynical mind, is reassured of the abundance of kindness and care in human interactions. I am thankful to all my dear friends, and to you my reader for the kindness of your hearts.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Barack and Michelle Obama's First Dance

They danced to Etta Jones's song, At Last, sung beautifully by Beyonce. The highlight of all the sparkles of the day to me.