Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh oh, suppose you'll never know

Credits: Grey's Anatomy Theme Song, Cosy In The Rocket, by Psapp

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gloden fashion proportions

This ones for the ladies!:) Look 20 pounds thinner by just choosing the correct outfit, and applying the golden proportions into your outfit. It was all on Rachael Ray show today, where she interviewed two sister designers. I found the interview very interesting. Look for yourself, here.

And here's the Levy sisters website: http://thefashioncode.com/

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Three friends

One: An email. My previous post had made a friend wonder.
Two: A kind phone call. I'm fine.
Three: A warm smile awaiting me at a window. Winter is melting aways.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Why we cry

I lost three grandparents when i was a kid. In the wakes and other memorials, i always asked myself how could people who were not that close to my grandparents feel our pain so much to cry real tears... Now I am a grown up, and I spent the whole day watching Grey's Anatomy with a box of tissue papers. Those people were shedding tears on their own pains.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Private life gone public

The rapid growth of online social networks like facebook, has brought something with is which is quite interesting. That is the degree that the personal life is gone public in these networks. This is something I have thought about before. I have very many contacts in my facebook for example. I have people that i haven't even met, and was inclined to accept in because they were friends of my friends. And this makes me concerned sometimes. recently three incidents happened that brought the thought back to me. One was a correspondent between 2 friedns in a rather big mailing list, one asking about the romantic life of the other one. Another was in Facebook, when a girl replied to her boyfriend's mass norouz greeting, probably assuming that she is replying only to him but we all got the reply, and the last one a Wall conversation in Facebook again when a friend asks another about the result of a test. In my judgment all three incidents were the kind that the two parties involved would probably wouldn't be comfortable having in loud voice in say a party full of people. But thees happened easily among the virtual crowd.

Now what is interesting here, is the degree of comfort people (including myself) feel when they share dialogs, post pictures, reply to messages, and etc in these mediums. I don't know how it is for you, but to me, it's like i forget that other non-close people are present there and can see these info. Another example is the mailing lists. I am actively involved in two mailing lists. One is my highschool friends, and the other is the alumni of the university i graduated from. In both lists, i have people that i know closely, and they happen to be the ones that are more pronounced in the list and post often. But there are again many other silent members that i don't know who receive these correspondents. Again, i tend to forget that they are ever there. Same thing goes with this blog too. Although i am not using my name here, but most of the people that read here know my identity, and i would definately won't say some of the things i write here, where strangers who know me, or not, are physically present.

So, just observing the comfort people feel in sharing their private life in virtual world, makes me wonder why we are careless about all this?

As a side note, i have this theory to answer my own concern. But it is not a very satisfying answer, anyway. I call it "Too much info = No info". The amount of information online has gone so crazily up that your information is a tiny insignificant portion of this vast pool and people have no time or will to digg into your personal information, while there is tons of other more interesting things for them to explore. But who knows, someone might.

Anyways, long post, and i generally dislike long posts. It will not happen anytime soon:)