Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Nowruz

It's the last hours of the old year. It's past midnight and I am tired of a day of house cleaning and cooking and running errands to prepare for the tomorrow's celebration.
This will be my 7th Nowruz away from Iran. But still, my heart beats faster when I repeat the word Nowruz in my head.
A New Day
And the amazing rebirth of the nature, with the ushering of the colorful rejuvenating Spring.
The flowers, the baby leafs on the trees, the smell of the rain soaked soil, they all fill me with joy, and with the will to recharge my strenghth and face the new year and its challanges and its hardwork ahead of me.
My heart is happy and calm, and this time filled with love. Tomorrow is a new day. I salute the Spring, and wish all of you, a happy Nowruz.

The photo shows my fragrant Hyacinthe, along with the New Year sweets I have prepared myself for the haft-seen spread.


Enchanted Soul said...

Happy new year my friend! Wish you a beautiful year full of joy ahead of you!
And look at all the yummy pastry!!! :) I'll invite myself over to your place :)

Pardis said...

Jeerjeerak jan,
It's nice to see you back to writing. Thanks for sharing the beautiful haftseen pic. I wish you all the best in the new year.

Best wishes,

PS, are you still in mid-west area? I am... still here in Corn Land!!!... :)

Arman said...

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jeerjeerak said...

I'm sorry I'm not in accounting profession.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for responding.

Anonymous said...

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